‘The happiness is within us all, and it easily attainable! Yoga teaches us that true happiness comes from within’. Seema Singh is the Creator of Yoga2fitness. She is certified Yoga, Meditation & Laughter Yoga instructor. She always knew that her life purpose was to help and heal people by sharing her knowledge with the world. Her love of yoga has grown over the years and she is especially passionate about the practice of meditation. Seema’s many years of strength, training and a mix of Yoga/Pilates and stretching and Meditation on a daily basis, has given her a deep respect for the healing powers of yoga as well as an active lifestyle.

Seema puts her heart into everything she does. With Yoga-you learn to be fully present and take time to really enjoy what is happening in the present moment. She welcome each and everyone with an open heart and a loving practice…. “Spread the Light”

Blessings and Goodness

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