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Yoga2Fitness is passionate about the power of kindness. We are dedicated to encouraging and empowering people to practice acts of kindness in their everyday lives. Our goal is to Spread Kindness, one person at a time, with hopes that it will cause a domino effect. Let’s work together in spreading the kindness and lets lead the change we wish to see in the world, one kind act at a time.

Join Laughter Yoga Club for more Happiness…

Laughter Yoga Clubs were started by Indian physician, Dr. Madan Kataria in 1995 with just five people. Today, the Laughter Movement is widely accepted and has become a global phenomenon with over 6000 clubs in 60 countries. Realizing the tremendous power of laughter and its efficacy as the best prescription for wellness, Laughter Clubs have brought smiles and laughter in the lives of many people suffering from physical and mental and emotional upsets.

Modern science has recently ‘discovered’ that a rich network of emotional connections is the Number One reason for people to be happy, and that the most powerful factor in happiness, is good relationships

Benefits to join the Laughter club :

A Boon For Seniors Laughter Clubs have been extremely beneficial in the case of seniors. At the fag end of their lives, faced with loneliness, depression and a loss of belonging, they find these Clubs, a refuge for filling a void in their lives. Their lost laughter is regained and they gain their confidence and self-worth.

A Network Of Caring-Sharing Relationships Social Laughter Clubs have the power to reach beyond the healing of laughter. The effective network of caring-sharing relationships is the key to a happy and healthy life. Relationships with people with whom we laugh regularly can become very strong

Spiritual Benefits of Laughter Clubs In addition to providing a positive and secure emotional environment, Laughter Clubs promote personal happiness in many ways. The positive and happy attitude from Laughter Clubs is spread through the mechanism of emotional contagion to others that we have contact with.

World Peace Through Laughter One of Dr. Kataria’s objectives for Laughter Yoga is to promote World Peace through Laughter. Some people find this idea fanciful, but an understanding of the science of emotions and emotional contagion in particular shows how this might be achieved


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