Laughter Yoga

Happy Hour Laughter Yoga

This class will have you shaking off the stresses of the week with lots of fun and lots of refreshing, nourishing asanas, rejuvenating your body, mind and soul... winding down all levels will enjoy this stress relieving hour of fun and ASANA!!! Bring your smile , we've got the rest!

Laughter Yoga has four active ingredients: laughing, breathing, clapping and child-like laughter. Keep in mind, 60 seconds of laughter equals 10 minutes on a rowing machine
Laughter Yoga and Stress ;

Our breathing is connected to the state of our mind. It is apparent that the state of our mind directly affects our Breathing. When in a stressful, emotional state or turmoil, the breathing pattern alters drastically. It becomes faster, shallow and irregular. Sometimes people even hold their breath under Stress, which leads to an accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood.
Laughter Yoga provides an excellent cardiac workout, and triggers a breathing pattern that offers significant respiratory benefits. It lowers the amount of residual air in the lungs, replacing it with oxygen-rich air. This reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the lungs, and prevents the stress arousal system.
Diaphragmatic Breathing

The best way to reduce mental stress is to activate parasympathetic system which is opposite of sympathetic system. This can be done by changing the way we breathe. If we can learn to breathe from the diaphragm, mental stress cannot occur, even if you have stressful thoughts in your mind. Your body simply will not react to stressful thoughts.

One of the prime objectives of Laughter Yoga is to learn how to move the diaphragm, and shift the awareness of Breathing from the chest to the Deep Abdominal Breathing. With the movement of the diaphragm, we can bring our emotions under conscious control.

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