My Yoga Style

Seema found her pathway to Yoga as a fitness freak who was always feeling tight, sore and looking for “more” out of her physical workouts. Seema tried her first class in Hamilton, Ontario Yoga studio and immediately fell in love and eventually enrolled herself in Yogafit Teacher Training program , Ontario , Canada.

Seema has a wide dance background . Her yoga classes are light-hearted, spiritual, challenging, yet beginner-friendly. Seema aspires to help heal others . Seema’s mat is a vehicle for creativity and freedom in her life. She counts her blessings on her mat. It is a place of pure space where she connects to her center, her strength and her authenticity. Yoga has brought Seema through some very challenging times in her life. She believes in many ways that it has saved her. It reminds her constantly that she is always stronger than she thinks she is, and it reminds her to be present in her moment, her life, one breath at a time.

She’s a strong believer in being a student for life and has future educational plans in the healing arts.

Her favorite posture is Adho Mukha Svanasana (Wild Thing / Flip Dog). Letting go and dropping back into the unknown, opening the heart while cultivating strength in the arms.